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Kodi Shrunken Screen and Stutter Fix

Version 15 of Kodi, codename Isenguard has had some major changes to the ffmpeg*, removing some legacy codecs, hence the Apple TV 2 no longer being supported. (*ffmpeg is the code that contains the information on how to decode and playback the streams in Kodi – without it nothing works!) This has led to a variety of problems for Kodi users with wrong sized images, playback and audio issues being the most common ones.

Kodi Shrunk Screen Problem

Here's the problem. Kodi gets shrunk to about a quarter of it's size and positioned at the “top left” of the screen. This is caused by box manufacturers not updating their firmware and thus causing HDMI registration problems, which leads to Kodi misreading the screen size.

This solution should also fix the “stutter” you sometimes get – this again is a HDMI clash, turning off HDMI auto detect as shown here will stop that happening.

Your startup Android screen will look something like this:

- Click Settings.

Kodi Shrunk Screen Size Fix

Settings Options:

Kodi Shrunk Screen Size Fix

- Click Display.

Kodi Shrunk Screen Size Fix

- Click HDMI auto-detection – toggle to off.
- Cursor down to HDMI Output Mode Setting.
- Select the option for your TV – if not sure, try 720 first.

Kodi Shrunk Screen Size Fix

It's worth setting the audio options whilst we’re here.

- Click Audio Auto detection – toggle to off.

Kodi Shrunk Screen Size Fix

- Click the option for your hardware – if in doubt – PCM. If no sound then switch to "HDMI passthrough".

Kodi Shrunk Screen Size Fix

OK, we need to reboot the device now – power off and power on to reset the HDMI registration.

Once booted back up, go into Kodi and check playback. If you’re still having a problem, we need to change some settings in Kodi.

- Start Kodi and click System.

Kodi Shrunk Screen Size Fix

- We need advanced options – so click the very last option on the lower left – and click through to Advanced.

Kodi Shrunk Screen Size Fix

- Click Video.

Kodi Shrunk Screen Size Fix

- De-select the first and third options, leaving only "libstagefright".

Now try your playback. It should play fine, but you may now notice black bands down either side of the image. See below how to fix this.

Black Bands Left & Right

- Select a movie and when it starts to play click pause.
- Navigate to the reel and click.

Kodi Shrunk Screen Size Fix

- Now click View Mode until Stretch 16:9 comes up.
- Then scroll down.

Kodi Shrunk Screen Size Fix

There are two options here:

1) Set as default – which you want to click so you don’t have to do this every time you play a movie.
2) Also underneath that is video calibration – which you may need to use to fine tune the image to your TV.

Kodi Shrunk Screen Size Fix

OK, that's it, you're all done. Time to kick back and enjoy a movie or TV show or whatever else you use Kodi for ;)