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Kodi 14.X and Sportsebooks Add-on Updates

We're getting lots of questions in relation to updating to Kodi 14.X and Sportsebooks Add-on update recently, so might as well address them here with everybody.

First and foremost is the Kodi 14.X update. As of today we're installing Kodi 14.2 on all new boxes. We do NOT recommend updating your boxes as there are still some issues to iron out, unless you're having problems with something that is. A few of you have gone ahead and updated with varying degrees of success. If you do go ahead please follow the official guide here: and you can download the new Kodi here: Please note that keyboard may be missing after the update and you will have to go to Programs > Xunity Maintenance and apply the Kodi Keyboard Fix. If you're having any problems this video here shows you how to do it: (ignore the first bit about installing XunityTalk Repository, although you may need to update it).

Secondly is the Sportsebooks Add-on update. Many of you have noticed that your current add-on has stopped working. That's because the new update has rendered it outdated. You must uninstall the current version (Go to System > Settings > Add-ons > Enabled Add-ons > Video Add-ons > Sportsebooks > Uninstall > Yes) and install the new 1.0.3 version available here: or here: then follow the tutorial available here: (Go to System > Settings > Add-ons to open the Add-on Manager) to instal the new version. If you download directly on your android media box (as I would suggest you do) the add-on zip file will be located in the "Download" folder (browse via root filesystem>mnt>sd card>download).